Installing on hp t 730

I am trying to put openwrt on my hp t 730. I am using the latest ext4 firmware for x86/64 systems. I load Linux mint as a live system and follow the directions and write the firmware to sda. When I go to boot up my system, I get “ no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed”. The disk has not failed because I did have Linux mint on it prior to wanting to put openwrt on it. Thanks in advance!

UEFI or BIOS (legacy CSM)?

Some older (buggy) mainboard firmwares require a bootflag, even for GPT or UEFI, might be an issue here as well (can be set with with fdisk in MSDOS/ MBR mode on the Protective MBR partition.

It is eufi.

I am a noob, I was not in root, everything is up and running now.

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