Installing on GL-AR300M


I have a GL-AR300M that currently runs a slightly modified version of openwrt provided by GL-Inet, however I would prefer to run plain openwrt on it.

This model seems to be a bit unusual as it has both NAND and NOR flash (not that I would understand the difference) and there is not that much information on the device page at

Therefore my question: Has anyone sucessfully installed plain openwrt on this device or can give me a good estimation on how difficult it would be.

Many thanks!

Hope this helps. Im working on mine as well. I screwed up my Uboot :stuck_out_tongue:

Even it's an older topic...but as I had this task today, here the way it worked for me on an AR300M16-EXT:

  1. uploaded and installed 22.0.3 "Kernel"-Image over the GUI of the original GL.Inet software (retain config was NOT ticked)
  2. after reboot was done, OpenWrt was reachable over In the top there was a message "System running in recovery (initramfs) mode.". At this point I used the 22.0.3-SYSUPGRADE-image to install the firmware using the normal System->Flash firmware way.
  3. after another reboot everything seems to be up and running.
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Thanks Foppy, you saved me a lot of time !
Your info worked perfecty (I have exaclty the same model).

I am new to OpenWRT, can you please elaborate a bit more on that is Kernel image?? Is this glinet_gl-ar300m-lite-initramfs-kernel.bin ?

I used:

If you would like to remove the GL-iNet software and only use openWRT. Your best friend is going to be the usage of Uboot. Unfortunately, it's a very advanced process for some models. Easier on others. Please read this guide carefully. I suggest at least twice.

:brick: You can easily brick your device. This is not for the faint of heart or wallet. :safety_vest:

You may also need a USB serial adapter.

Dropping this here just Incase you brick it :cry:

I just successfully installed the 22.03.3 nand-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin directly onto my GL.iNet GL-AR300M-Ext using its web interface after having updated to the latest firmware 3.215 from the GL.iNet downloads page. This worked right away without any problems or additional steps. Of course I did not attempt to keep the settings.