Installing on EMG2926


I currently have a Zyxel EMG2926 from my ISP (Videotron) and would like to remove their branded firmware and install openwrt. I've tried to follow a few tutorials online but there aren't many for this router and the ones I found didn't work.

Since the firmware update feature is disabled on the webUI, I connected to the router using serial (followed the information for the NBG6716 since it's the same router rebranded). The first tutorial said I should hit a key when the line "Hit any key to stop autoboot" appeared during boot but I guess it was disabled because it never showed. Another tutorial I followed said they got into a command line but didn't explain how and I couldn't figure it out. The closest I've got to something was when I saw the line "Please press Enter to activate this console", but I never was able to activate it and the boot sequence just keeps going.

Is there any chance for me to flash this router with OpenWrt or should I stop trying?

Perhaps will be helpful (I don’t know the device myself.)

Probably there is some resistor (pull up/down) that prevents the rx line to receive your input from serial console...
Or the rx line needs a pseudo 0 ohm resistor to connect the pin header to the cpu rx line.

There are some similar board designs that disallow the simple usage of rx line with only mounting a pin header.

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Have you looked at this?

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