Installing on Banana PI M2 Berry


Tried to write both images on SD card and boot, but got no result, just red light instead of green on device.

No output in UART console.

Help me please.

P.S. But when inserting SD with ubuntu 16.04 mate, everything works fine and see log in UART console.

Just to double check, did you decompress the image before writing the SD card?

Yes of course

I found nice software Etcher, it's automatically decompress images and validate writed data.

But, with dd command doesn't work too.

dd if=openwrt-18.06.0-sunxi-cortexa7-sun7i-a20-bananapi-ext4-sdcard.img of=/dev/sdd bs=4M conv=fsync

After that see two partitions on SD card.
First 20Mb
Second 256Mb

The Banana Pi M2 Berry is not supported by the firmware you are trying to load. The Banana Pi M2 Berry has a completely different SOC, a Quad Core V40 instead of the Dual Core A20 the firmware is intended for.

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Does it support with another OpenWRT image?

Based on a Quad-core ARM Cortex -A7 CPU architecture and Mali 400 MP2 GPU, which
providing the powerful processing and display performance.
Quad Core V40

Or OpenWRT doesn't support it at all?

Currently the sunxi support for sub-target Cortex A7 in OpenWrt supports a limited set of boards with A20, A31, H2+ and H3 processors. So not only is your specific board not supported the V40 SOC it is based on is not yet supported.

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