Installing on a TP-Link VR900 v1.0


Has somebody attempted to install OpenWRT on a TP-Link VR900 Hardware version 1.0?
Will the device brick without posibility to return to the official firmware if I try?

The device page is
Currently Im running official Firmware Version:0.9.1 1.5 v004c.0 Build 170119 Rel.66992n Hardware Version:Archer VR900 v1 00000000

Im struggling to get the device to connect to a VPN and route traffic to it, this maybe is not fully supported in the official FW.

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What makes you believe that this particular device would be supported by OpenWrt at all?

(hint, at least the xDSL modem won't 'ever' be supported and the two BCM4360 wlan cards won't 'ever' go beyond a fragile 54 MBit/s).

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