Installing nft-qos

Hey there, I am looking for something to manage bandwith per IP. I did some google search and that lead me to nft-qos.

However I can't find any documentation on how to install it and it's not available on any package list. I am using the following version:

OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292 / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-19.170.32094-4d6d8bc)

Any tips on how to install it or alternative to it?

Use 19.07 or master, not the old 18.06


Thank you. I will try to upgrade. Is it possible to keep current settings that I have or do i need to wipe / hard reset to install the new version?

'keep settings' is the default.

I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 B+. From my understanding, 19.07 is not supported for that device because it is not listed in this table:

What can I do? Can I just flash 19.07 without worry?
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19.07 isn't actually released yet, it's a release candidate that will any moment become the new latest release, that's why it's not in the table.

The 19.07 image for it is here:


Hey, thank you for the link. I tried using the sysupgrade.img.gz file and flashed it into the router from the web. After "Waiting for changes to be applied…" for about 30 seconds, the web just goes back to the router login page and when I logged in back, I still see the same firmware version in the status overview page.

What am I doing wrong? (I did try both keep current settings checked / unchecked, same result)

I'm not sure but I think the sysupgrade is only possible if you used a squashfs to begin with. if you used an ext4 image you might need to flash a new ext4 image. Take a backup of your config first through LuCI so you can upload it once you've done the flash.

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