Installing LuCi web on Openwrt Linksys EA7500 V2

Hi Guys,

I really need an emergency help! Let me to explain to you what I got.

  1. I've installed a openwrt firmware on links's EA7500 V2. So now, I posses an access through a putty ssh by root. I configured lan as an ethernet connection and assigned IP is using through a Windows machine. The machine has a wifi connection internet.
    I would like to install web client, but I don't have an internet on that router. When I'm trying to configure /etc/network/firewall config file for open WAN based on ssh port 22 and then restarting a system says - Permission denied.

  2. I've read a forum thread with a similar issue by someone, but nothing is not work.

  3. Please, if can help me to describe step by step what I have to do, I'll appreciate. Or if you need to asses what I got in a config files. let me know what kind of configuration files do want to look for assessing and guide me.

Thanks in advance.

If your Windows computer uses WiFi to connect to the Internet, is it then possible to configure the Linksys to be a WiFi client on the same network as well? Would that be sufficient to give the device Internet access so that you can then download and install the packages you require?

download the sysupgrade image from, (win)scp it to the routers' /tmp folder.
lastly run sysupgrade /tmp/openwrt-22.03.5-ramips-mt7621-linksys_ea7500-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin via ssh.

once rebooted, the device should have the webUI available.

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Its impossible, you saved my ..s. Thanks a lot I appreciate.

But I've tried to do the same with an image to this link:

I've spent a lot of time, but when sysupgrade with that image after that I was forced to a factory reboot.

:+1: Thanks Man!

Try again, but this time don't keep settings... (the -n switch)

sysupgrade -n /tmp/openwrt-22.03.5-ramips-mt7621-linksys_ea7500-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
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Thanks for feedback. Everything is done successfully once I followed to "frolic" guide me.

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