Installing luci on tp-link archer c7 v4, intermittently cannot resolve hostnames

I have a tp-link archer c7, and I just loaded the following firmware onto it:

I loaded this development snapshot because it seems the v4 isn't supported by the current release yet.

Until I have it configured properly, I have it attached to my verizon fios actiontec router for internet, which it will ultimately replace (i hope).

When I ssh in to the archer for the first time, it wasn't able to resolve any hostnames, so I couldn't do opkg update and install luci. I added google's dns in /etc/resolv.conf and that seems to have fixed that problem, somewhat. I can ping hostnames, run opkg update, etc, but it seems to only work intermittently. for example, I ping google one minute, and it can resolve the hostname. a few seconds later, it cannot. wait it a little longer, it works again. then stops working, etc.

Pinging an IP seems to always work. so it seems the internet connection is always working, but it intermittently cannot resolve hostnames.

So when I try to install luci, it will download some of the packages, and then halfway through, it can no longer resolve the hostnames and fails to download the rest.

was wondering if anyone has any ideas that could point me in the right direction to get this working correctly.

thank you.

well I was able to install luci after many tries, getting lucky enough for the router to resolve hostnames long enough to download all of the packages.

still have the problem though with intermittent failures to resolve hostnames. Also if I connect to the internet with my laptop through that router, I'd say about 50% of the time it fails to resolve the hostname.

Can this be related to the fact that this router isn't connected directly to the internet, but instead is connected to another router (the verizon fios router)?

I am updating my C7 v4 on the same way: behind another router which connects to the internet. Router LAN to C7 WAN and it will get a “local” WAN IP from the 1st router via DHCP. No problems at all getting packages (like Luci) installed.

The only thing I can think of would be both routers are on the same 192.168.1.x subnet. Not sure if that generates a conflict with the gateway?? I normally change the default setting simply, so my router hands out a 10.0.x.x IP instead to the C7

alright, that seems to have fixed it! just changed my c7 to to issue IPs from 10.0.1.x and it seems to be working fine now