Installing LEDE/u-boot via brnboot web interface (without rs232)

No, it really must match your hardware exactly.

Did you ever find out what caused the ethernet ports to go off? I'm still seeing the same problem, and it's always two ports which fail at the same time. Rebooting once doesn't fix it, I have to reboot twice or perform a power cycle.

Have you guys tested this device with 18.06.1 build? Maybe the problem with the ethernet ports is already fixed...

I haven't tested anything on/with those routers ~since posting my step-by-step instructions here.
drvcucwk has tested the 18.06-SNAPSHOT build successfully so I guess 18.06.1 should work fine.

No, but I didn't even try the newer releases. Did you?

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I didn't yet install a new u-boot, and I'd rather update both u-boot and OpenWrt before coming to conclusions. Installing OpenWrt 18.06.1 worked fine, though.
The ethernet hangs happen only rarely, sometimes it takes more than two weeks to trigger it. I'll report back once two weeks with new u-boot and new OpenWrt have elapsed.

I'm pretty sure you don't need to reinstall u-boot.
I didn't take a look at the changelog of 18.06.* but u-boot usually does not need to be updated (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

Well, I saw a changelog entry which mentioned that U-Boot was patched to fix ethernet PHY initialization, so I'd rather make sure this change is present before I declare any test to be complete.

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