Installing LEDE Raspberry PI Zero W

Hello Everyone,
I have a need to install LEDE on a PI Zero W. I cloned the latest verison from git and compiled using a Debian VM.

The process created the lede-brcm2708-bcm2708-rpi-ext4-sdcard.img.gz file, I used ApplePi Baker to install the image onto my SD card.

The PI Zero boots to the kmodloader done /etc/modules.d/* line @ 7.8secs, then halts until the random crng done @ 128 secs

Can any shed light on to why this might be happening? I have tried the latest precompiled img and the same issue.

Than you for you time.


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Same problem :frowning:
I get the same output when its booting

Ok, so I found out the following :slight_smile:
Use the latest image that is already created on the lede site.
Not to add the dwc2 gadget options in the config.txt and command line.txt
and then to connect a keyboard! press enter where it halts and the login prompts appears :slight_smile: Wasted soooo much time on that issue.

I got LUCI install but I could not get the tethering working, as I am wanting to use the Pi Zero W as a light weight VPN travel router. I followed the articles that I found but could never get it to tether.

decided to change path and got a solution working in an hour with the Pi Z W......

love the Lede project thou as I am using it else where.


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Also got it to work now with slightly different method. I made a change to target/linux/brcm2708/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network script such that it always starts with eth0 enabled, and not wlan0. Then I built image with kernel modules for my usb to ethernet adaptor (uses ASIX AX88772 chip) . Accessed via ethernet using ssh and now everything is working very nice. RP cam also up and running.

I am so in love with the RP Zero W at the moment :heart_eyes:

Nice work! :slight_smile: I might have another go this weekend based on what your work. I love the Pi Zero W, this is a very capable device :slight_smile: I don't have a need for a eth port most of the time as I use mobile tethering.

Excellent work :slight_smile:

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