Installing LEDE on WRT3200ACM for newbi

Hi all,

I am new to the forum, I have WRT3200ACM which has 2 partition one for stock and the other for dd-wrt.

I want to try LEDE firmware on dd-wrt partition. Is it safe to flash the "lede-17.01.0-r3205-59508e3-mvebu-linksys-wrt3200acm-squashfs-factory.img" from stock firmware to dd-wrt partition?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

If you first switch booting so that you are booting from the Linksys stock firmware, then a flash from the stock firmware will overwrite the dd-wrt in the other partition, just as you want.

17.01.0 works ok with 3200ACM.

Thank you for the advice. I just wonder if there is any command in LEDE which can switch the boot partition to another in SSH, please?

Exactly the same commands & tricks as in Openwrt, and probably similar as in dd-wrt (never having tried that).

Basically two choices:

  • trick: power on/off three times during the early boot
  • command: change the boot_part variable in the u-boot bootloader environment. Basically "fw_printenv boot_part" tells you which partition you are now booting from (1 or 2) and with "fw_setenv boot_part X" you can toggle that setting by yourself for the next reboot.

I use a script that I have documented here:

Many thanks for your help. I heard about the power on/off three times but it will be easier if it can be done on SSH with some commands. LEDE is very new to me and I have not yet try openwrt, so I thought it will use the same dd-wrt commands to get/set the boot partition. I have tried dd-wrt, it uses "ubootenv get boot_part" and "ubootenv set boot_part X" for change the boot partition.

Thank again, it does enlighten me!