Installing LEDE on D-Link DIR-615 E3/E4


I wanted to install LEDE on my D-Link DIR-615 E3/E4 router which i use only as a WiFi AP (Access Point).

I checked the Table of Hardware, however, the 2 links posted gives a 404.

This is just for a simple wifi ap; no firewall, no vpn, no usb, no pppoe, no ipv6 (ipv4 only), etc.

Is there some place where i can download it from?



See this thread...

thanks, so i guess the only option is to build a custom image?

find it a little odd and disappointing that i need to go down that route when other third parties still support this devices just fine; dd-wrt for example. Unifying on a single OS/firmware across all my devices would definitely be ideal.

regarding the options mentioned at the bottom, i think more thought should go into them, as certain packages perhaps shouldn't be default/classified in those - example not everyone uses ipv6 at all.

would be awesome if you could for example pick a router, pick a few options, and it "builds" the file for you; example: device, wifi, ipv6, gui, vpn, pppoe to name a few major ones. :slightly_smiling_face:

on that note, is there a "simple coles notes" sort of speak regarding the image builder?

  • is it possible to essentially mimic a current release build (the options and/or command(s) and such) but strip out what i don't need?

thinking further, would be nice to possibly build a custom image which ultimately works for all my routers i use, if that's even possible?

  • would the same image/name work across multiple devices?
  • is it mainly just the drivers which differ from device to device?


thanks, will check that out along with some of the links within.

regarding the "device to device", if i run the same packages command for the different devices, is the result the same, or do some devices include/exclude different packages and therefore even this needs to be unique across devices when even building an image?

also, how "regularly" should i be building new images? when are images released? is it possible to update the various packages regularly within the image builder?

  • example there is an update to luci or a wireless driver or something, and although i could check/update the packages via ssh on the router, perhaps its better to update those in the image builder and build a new image with those updates "baked in"?


also, is there a way to see "all" the standard/main packages there are which we can add/remove so it's easy to pick what exactly we need or don't need?

thanks @jwoods, i used this link "" and seems to be better than i thought - with the menu and all.

running the "make" now and will see how it goes.

however to note, i did notice that various sections/sub-menus i can remove certain packages and in others i can't; for example "nat", "ppp" to name a few.
example; seems like mostly all references to "ppp" i am not able to remove (un-check) for some reason, but specifically under "Network" from the main menu, i am able to. seems odd to me, and i'm not sure if all, some or none of it will be included now. my guess would be for the packages which i could not un-select ppp, it will be :frowning:

will update how this goes.

thanks again,


so after all that time, i wasn't able to get it to actually create a build with the correct file that was loaded. :frowning:

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