Installing latest versions of NodeJS on OpenWrt


As part of a project I'm working on, I need to have the latest stable versions of Node, NodeJS, and npm installed on my OpenWRT device. The versions on the OPKG package manager are decidedly not that.

I am able to install a newer version of npm (specifically 6.4.1) using npm, but npm install node doesn't give a newer version at all. I can install n, but the command n lts gives:

curl: option --compressed: the installed libcurl version doesn't support this
curl: try 'curl --help' for more information

  Error: failed to download version index (

Firstly, is it even possible to install Node on OpenWRT? And secondly, if it is possible to install it, how would I install the latest versions, as the route that I used on a normal Pi3B isn't working here?

If they aren't new enough, you could install snapshots. after installing the corresponding OpenWRT image.
or compile yourself.