Installing latest OpenWrt on USB stick

Just came up with this simple command for installing the latest OpenWrt (for x86) on a USB stick

fetch -o - |  gzip -dc > /dev/da1

This is just a reminder to myself in case I can't remember how to do this. It boots up but will probably need /etc/config/network customising to suit.

PS this works on FreeBSD, it will probably need tweaking on Linux.

PPS /dev/da1 is the second removal disk, so will most likely need to be changed.

Great you found a one-liner to handle it, but this is not really unique information that deserves a forum topic. This is something you write in your personal notes so you don't lose it. Now you're just using the OpenWrt forum as your personal notepad.

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I'm just offering a solution for anyone who might find it useful.

It looks like my LAN interface is not getting assigned. What do I need to add?

I'm booting up a ThinkPad X1 Carbon which uses an Intel PRO/1000 NIC. The Network Driver e1000e gets loaded while booting.
I have defined 'eth0' as the device for the lan interface but it doesn't show up when I run ifconfig.

Any suggestions as to what I can do?

Does the boot log show the driver attaching to the chip and assigning it eth0? If you just see e1000e loaded and nothing further, that means it didn't find the chip. Check earlier in the bootlog for the PCI vendor:product ID of the chip and look up what driver it uses.

dmesg | grep eth0 didn't find anything....

I just checked my connection and my LAN cable is actually connected via a USB LAN port which I believe has a Realtek chip, but am not sure. How do I tell? And how can I tell if OpenWrt has an appropriate driver?

After connecting my USB stick to another laptop, OpenWrt comes up OK, so I guess the problem must have been lack of a driver for my USB NIC....

dmesg | grep eth0 does find a device now.

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