Installing k3screenctrl on Phicomm K3


Im on latest official build and cant get top screen working. Found and tried to install this

Can someone test and report.

why would someone try something that appears to be designed to be used four releases back ?
and why won't you ?

Because i tried it and cant get it work. I wonder if someone more skilled could make it work.

no one's going to (one can hope) spend any time on getting something designed for a 5 y.o release to work.

So just to confirm:
Downgrade to 18.06.x check it works
Upgrade to 19.07.10 check it works
Upgrade to 21.02.x check it works
Upgrade to 22.03 check it works

Have you read the as it may give a clue as to what it's reading, I'm going to hazard a guess that it's not understanding the switch from swconfig to DSA that happened a few years ago for models with this chipset.

Do you know the version of the current MCU of the PIC32/STM32 of your router?

# uhmiMsg ver
major: 2
minor: 2
swver: 126
mcu: ST446

My STM32F446 has mcu version 2.2.126
because I have a Wavlink under S/W Ver:

So, not sure what version of openwrt this was on, but from what i remember, you need the /dev/kmem option turned on in the kernel which is off by default