Installing Juci on OpenWrt (Raspberry Pi)

Hi OpenWrt Community,

I'm currently using OpenWrt (23.05.3) on a Raspberry Pi 4 model B . I'd like to install the Juci web interface for easier configuration.

I've reviewed the documentation on github : , I have tried to install it on OpenWrt but it won't work.

Please be kind enough to guide me.

Thank you.

Have you reached out to the maintainer of the code you linked?

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Also worth noting that, in addition to the myriad of possible compatibility issues, the latest update to the code appears to be in excess of 3 years, with the main code between 8 and 9 years old. The documentation doesn’t say what version(s) of OpenWrt were targeted, but it would stand to reason that it would not include anything even remotely recent. I’d be surprised if this could work on modern OpenWrt.


Link returns a 404 to me.
Don't see how it can be done unless it is my system that locks me out of the site.

Maybe one of these themes is more appealing to you..

Thank you Mate.

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