Installing docker fails, there's no tini


My first post here, definitely not the last. Using BPI R4 - OpenWrt SNAPSHOT (r25933-cab2e1de0d).

Wanted to install docker in order to try and learn it. Installed packages including 'docker':

|luci-app-dockerman|v0.5.13-20240317-1|~35.89 KiB|LuCI Support for docker|Remove…|
|docker|25.0.3-r1|~7.35 MiB|The CLI used in the Docker CE and Docker EE products.|Remove…|
|luci-lib-docker|21.320.30008~54a55e8|~4.60 KiB|Docker Engine API for LuCI|Remove…|

All of these came together with the installation of luci-app-dockerman, because I was curious about the UI solution as well.

Then I attempt to docker pull mitmproxy/mitmproxy and got:

Using default tag: latest
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

Found that dockerd is not installed, attempted to install it, but:

  • Required dependency package tini is not available in any repository.

What to do? Try to wget and install tini manually? I am slightly afraid that if I go down that route, my router will soon be full of forgotten bits and pieces that eat away resources. Maybe a simple solution to that as well?

Thank you!

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seems tini fails to build atm

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yes they've updated musl i believe and it broke a bunch of packages, tini included.

theres a pr with a fix waiting to get approved :confused:

i suppose if you really need it like "today" then compile your own build and apply the patch and it should build fine.

This is probably OT, but I'm going to say it. If your goal is, "... to install docker in order to try and learn it.", I recommend starting with a more-supported underlying OS.

For example, I have a RPi4 running Ubuntu 22.04 with docker apps. Installation is flawless, and there are tons of resources for getting help when I screw up.

But of course, if your ultimate goal is running the app to look at data going through your router, go ahead! Good luck.

Yeah, I am looking to combine learning with fun during practice with some applications I might actually use.

looks like the commit that fixes tini has been merged.

hopefully we should start to see the snapsots in a day or two working with docker again.

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