Installing dd-wrt settings into OpenWrt/LEDE router

Hi all,
I have a sisco router that appears to be infected with the latest russian virus. I want to upgrade it anyway so I have installed a TP-Link Archer C2600. My question is: Can I download the settings from the dd-wrt router and upload them into the openwrt/lede one?

I have looked online, but could not find anything close to the question.

thanks in advance

No, you can't.

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Not No, but Hell No! :boom:



Pretty weird question imho...
And wth is the latest russian virus ? Are u trolling ? :smiley:

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The latest Russian virus (that I know of) is the VPNFilter. Only a handful of routers were affected (regardless of the firmware they were running)

That sounds very bad imho....! "Regardless of the firmware", scary scary...

As a side note, "regardless of the firmware they were running" is not a correct statement. Further, Cisco routers have not been indicated as impacted at this time (June 11, 2018). Interested readers are suggested to consult the primary sources, linked at CERT Advisory: VPNFilter Destructive Malware


Closing this now as the answer has already been given and we are now drifting into offtopic.

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