Installing AWS Unified CloudWatch Agent on OpenWrt

Not sure if this is the place to ask this, please advise where to post this if thats the case. Has anyone installed the AWS Unified CloudWatch Agent on OpenWrt and got it working with CloudWatch in an AWS account? If not, what are the steps at a very high level (if thats not a completely naïve question to ask)? The AWS guide lists a number of downloads, but im not sure which one would be relvant and what kind of refactoring i might have to do.

In a rough high-level view...

You'd pick the correct architecture first. Only having x86-64 and arm64 restricts the amount of devices you'd be able to run it on, but at least it is statically linked...

And then you'd have to extract whichever package format you chose and make the binaries, configs etc. get to the correct folders.

Although it's possible you may have an easier time just getting something that is already an OpenWrt package (ie. Telegraf), and using their output plugin to upload your metrics via the CloudWatch API.

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Hmmm.... interesting. Thanks. I'm also looking into the AWS IoT Greengrass as a way to link my OpenWrt on Raspberry Pi into AWS.

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