Installing all OpenWrt packages at once

is there any way to install all packages ?? with one command line ?

You can write a script to install all the packages at once.

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Do you mean all of t the ones you have identified as useful or necessary for your application?

opkg update; opkg install <package 1> <package 2> …

If you mean all packages in the package repo, why do you want to do this? It would probably be a very stupid thing to do and would likely render your installation inoperable.

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No, but yes, kind of.

No: There are packages that conflict with others. See for example the various "wpad" packges, where you need one for wifi but cannot have more than one.

Yes: If you're willing to name all the packages you desire, just "opkg install first second third (...) last" via CLI.

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how to do it , that's what I'm asking about

You were given an answer earlier - selectively you just install them in one line.

Or if you’re going to install literally everything, you will need to write a script. This will break your installation (assuming you don’t run out of space first).

To be clear, installing all available packages should never be attempted because there will be major conflicts that will cause your system to fail.


ok I'm not going to do it then

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