Installed successfully on a TP-Link AC1200 Archer 6. It was a breeze! Thank you!


I've installed openwrt successfully on a TP-Link AC1200 Archer 6 with an old stock firmware (Archer C6(EU)_V2_180627) so it was just a matter to upload the openwrt firmware file in the tplink update firmware page of the stock web interface. Be aware that on more recent firmware versions it will not be just as straighforward as the upgrade firmware option is no longer available in the web interface and is not possible to downgrade it, but don't worry that the alternative process is very well documented.

The openwrt specific documentation for this router is fantastic and covers pretty much everything one could expect and more with lots and lots of juicy and useful technical details.

So, I wanted to create a router (not a bridge) between a public wireless network and a "private" local wireless network for my classroom students and the stock interface didn't allow to do it. With openwrt I was finally able to do it and it was a breeze. I was prepared to perform some heavy configuration editing for this, but, Oh boy was I surprised on how easy was to do it with LuCI! It may be not as fancy as the vendors interfaces but is much more leaner and user friendly and it does not hide nothing from the user with a lot of important data available tipically hidden in the vendor user interfaces, like the cpu and memory consumption.

Many thanks and kudos to all developers and contributors, this is really a great project!



Yes, it's great!

Lucky you! I had to TFTP my way out of it, since my Archer C6 came with the very latest firmware. :wink:

LuCI is nice (I've used it for a couple of years), but nothing beats SSH and editing configuration files. And when you want to implement some advanced functionality (say, a Tor transparent bridge), it becomes a necessity, since you probably won't have flash space for LuCI.

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