Installed snapshot, can't access my router via LuCi

Updated to a snapshot build and now i cannot access my router with what to do now.
I have ssh access.

Did you install the LuCI web GUI on your snapshot image?

So do you have access or not? Do you mean you don't have Luci?

I have installed snapshot sys upgrade img

That's not an answer to any of the questions you've been asked.

This already have luci pre installed as it was told

No as snapshot sys upgrade image already have luci

I can't have access to luci but have internet working and also ssh access

I have installed sysupgrade image installed but can't open luci with but i can ssh into ny router.

Then run opkg update followed by opkg install luci-ssl

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You don't have Luci.
It says that it can be used with LuCi

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Sorry about that i did not focused on that.

Resolved thanks.

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Next time, use Google

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