Installed shadow-passwd, changed password, then cannot login

Is it possible to get stronger password hashing without rebuilding OpenWRT?

After noticing that password hashing in /etc/shadow was only md5-based, I installed shadow-passwd to get that luscious bcrypt support.

I then happily changed my password, only to discover that I could not login as that user anymore. Changed the hash back to md5 (begins with $1$) and I can login again.

Hoping there is just a package I neglected to install...

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simple answer: no ( md5 and des are supported OOB )

complex answer: recompile busybox only / submit a pr...


( note: you can however use keys only with dropbear/sshd for remote logins )


Ok, that makes sense, and thank you for the clear answer. I guess I am not terribly surprised.

I wonder how much that would add to the image... I will try and see.