Installed OpenWrt v18.06.2 on Linksys WRT32x via GUI, but now cannot reset back to factory image

Holding reset button for 10-30s but no luck.. Tried do hard reset 3x30.. but still same happening..
It's brand new router.. Basically unpacked and flashed via GUI with v18.06.2 image..
I am not OpenWRT newbie and got another router 1900ACS with OpenWRT running.. So I am a bit surprised why reset/recovery not happening.. Any thoughts? Thanks

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This is a dual-boot device. When you flash, it flashes the other "partition" (the one that's not the current). So if you flashed only once, you are likely to all have stock firmware on the other position. You can cause boot to fall 3 times (e.g. by turning it off or pulling the power plug during booting) and the router will switch to the other partition.

Install the luci-app-advanced-reboot package and reboot to the other partition.


If you've flashed OpenWrt more than once to the router, both partitions now contain a version of OpenWrt.

So then you'd need to download and flash a new copy of the factory firmware. This is simple to do since the factory firmware is OpenWrt based and formatted like an OpenWrt sysupgrade. Simply flash it from the OpenWrt GUI.



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Ok simply log in to ssh and type


cd tmp

wget -O venom.img

sysupgrade -F venom.img

This should reboot then back to stock firmware (it will reset all settings though)

ohhh nice . i got your point

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