Installation support for USW Flex Mini

I recently purchased a USW Flex Mini switch and it works well for doing port-mirroring, and I am just wondering if I should try to perform port-mirroring with openwrt with this device. Problem is there is a contradicting post about there not being support for this device because I see there is two published files.

Since I am new, I am wondering if I should attempt to flash this device with a recovery-http method. I do not see any _factory.bin image file though, and I am wondering if it is actually supported.

device product page:

a previous post about this device but it's topic-thread is closed,

(is this device "safe" to use with openwrt or not? ^ post was made several months ago without any real conclusive answer)

the official recovery method from the vendor:
(which is not available anywhere in its user guide pdf)

the two files that is available publicly from openwrt ,

so really what options are possible to try onto this device?

I'm new to openwrt, but can follow difficult instructions as I am quite avid with the command-line.


The flex and the flex mini are very different devices.

Meanwhile support for the flex mini seems very conclusive per the very thread you linked:

that must be correct -- I can see that its own firmware upgrade from the vendor is about half a megabyte.

Exactly. The mini is a very scaled down switch relative to all of their other devices. I have a few of them (and the normal switch flex and several other Unifi switches) -- they're great for what they are, but they are indeed 'mini' in the feature sets and capabilities, as well.

I like the idea that I can dedicate a port to "mirroring" -- this works great for studying networking packets. This feature isn't readily available among other switches at its inexpensive pricing point... I had to use a dedicated virtual machine in order to use the unifi console application(so that I can customize the usw-flex-mini). It also features a "port isolation" per port, so that no two client ports can talk to one another.. it's basically just the mirroring feature that lets it be more than just another low-cost switch. I can use it outside the reach of any central "unifi" application, but then it keeps performing "arp" requests for trying to discover the unifi central server... It works very well, but I was hoping openwrt can possibly work with it for overcoming the annoying ARP-requests packets.. which isn't a big problem, I would just have to filter-out these requests when performing packet capture with wireshark/tcpdump etc.

Yeah... I get what you're trying to do. But OpenWrt isn't possible on a device with such a small memory footprint.

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