Installation on MyBook Live - device only reachable at beginning


I'm trying to install OpenWRT on my MyBook Live as there have been some security issues with the WD firmware.

I'm following this manual: Beginners guide to installing OpenWrt on MyBookLive

  • Install image -> works
  • Initial boot-up, change PW -> works
  • Change IP address etc -> works
  • Installing samba, fdisk, etc -> works
  • Create new partition with fdisk -> applying commands works, after reboot sometimes device is not reachable anymore
  • In case reboot works: Mounting new partition -> applying commands works, after reboot device is not reachable anymore

I tried different IP configs (fixed IP, DHCP client) as well as not changing IP -> no effect

The observation that it sometimes fails a step earlier puzzles me the most.

Any idea what's going wrong?

Many thanks!

Post the steps you perform, like a console log.

Eventually figured out, that my disk is broken ...

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