Installation on Mikrotik devices with 1 WAN/LAN port


Im trying to install Openwrt on RB911G-2HPnD which is supported. Im able to get a TFTP server running and loading the initramfs file.

Have read up :

As this has only 1 port - I am stuck. Newbie problems

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

With what, exactly?

Hi thanks for your interest in this topic.

After loading the initramfs, the instructions are to change the Lan cable to a different port.

Im not able to change to the LAN port / different port as per the instructions, as this unit has only 1 port.

Im a newbie :relieved: so maybe making obvious errors.

Download the image you should use for installing, to your client.
Then connect the cable to the Mikrotik, transfer the image, and flash it.

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pxe server send

Pxe server set at
As you can see I am able to load the initramfs to the Mikrotik. After that nothing happens. I am am unable to access either at or (as per PXe server). This has only 1 port.

What am I doing wrong?

Start by isolating the TFTP host, and the Mikrotik device.

HI frolic,

I quote "Start by isolating the TFTP host, and the Mikrotik device.": what do you mean by that?

The PC that I am using has only 1 ethernet port active, the Mikrotik device has only 1 port. The Mikrotik device is directly connected to the PC.

Once again, thanks for helping me with this.

TinyPXE claims there's another DHCP on the same LAN, which would indicate the devices aren't isolated.

The DHCP -- is on the Mikrotik device

Also if you see the time stamp -- that was prior to me rebooting the MK, into TFTP mode.