Installation on Archer C7 V2 Stock

Hi, I have two of these devices, in EU version. The stock firmware on these is 3.15.3 Build 180305 Rel. 51282n

I have tried to flash the EU factory Firmware: - tried via webinterface as well as using TFTP.

However, after a reboot it is getting an IP address via DHCP if I connect it to my LAN, however it cannot be reached on this address. If not on DHCP, I believe it does not get the (according to wireshark).

I also tried to first install DD-WRT but also this is nt starting and I have to recover then.

Thanks for your help!

Are you sure that you have a h/w rev 2? These haven't been selling for a couple of years now, being replaced (currently) by v5.

In cases of problems installing OpenWrt via tftp might be less picky, see for details.

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Which address? And what IP does your PC get?

What do you mean? What doesn't get the