Installation ok but no boot after first power off

Hi all!
I'm trying to install latest version of OpenWrt on my Netgear WGT634U.
I have done the flash via CFE and a serial connection with the tftp method documented here:
Everything gone fine and i was able to boot new openwrt 18.06.2 like a charm.
I've done a basic setup in the new luci console via web and configured my home wifi network. (btw congratulations to everybody, this is a great project - you have done a lot of progress since my old installation v.8.09 kamikaze)
Then i accidentaly cutoff the power to my router and it didn't start anymore..
I re-attach serial cable and this is what i found:

CFE version 1.0.34 for BCM95365R (32bit,SP,LE)
Build Date: Tue Feb 24 03:21:41 CST 2004 (root@jackylinux)
Copyright (C) 2000,2001,2002 Broadcom Corporation.

Add MAC client version(DNI).
Initializing Arena.
Initializing Devices.
**et0: chipattach: NVRAM_GET(et0phyaddr) not found**
**et0: chipattach error**
**et0: etc_attach failed**
**Could not attach bcm4710 ethernet: -2**
CPU type 0x29007: 200MHz
Total memory: 0x2000000 bytes (32MB)

Total memory used by CFE:  0x81BB1280 - 0x82000000 (4517248)
Initialized Data:          0x81BB1280 - 0x81BB3E90 (11280)
BSS Area:                  0x81BB3E90 - 0x81BB45D0 (1856)
Local Heap:                0x81BB45D0 - 0x81FB45D0 (4194304)
Stack Area:                0x81FB45D0 - 0x81FB65D0 (8192)
Text (code) segment:       0x81FB65E0 - 0x81FFFFB0 (301520)
Boot area (physical):      0x01B70000 - 0x01BB0000
Relocation Factor:         I:E23B65E0 - D:01BB0280


This is the complete log of what i've done via serial connection:

  • flashing the new firmware (from line 66 to 91)
  • boot and use the new shiny openwrt (from line 94 to 388)
  • lost of power (argh) (line 388)
  • new boot after power off (from line 390 to 413) (another try follows...)

Now, how can i boot the newly flashed firmware?
What i've missed?

Thank you all!

I solved the problem issuing these commands:

setenv -p STARTUP "ifconfig eth0 -addr= -mask=; boot -elf flash0.os:"
setenv -p et0phyaddr 254
setenv -p et0mdcport 0
setenv -p configvlan 0x1
setenv -p NET_DEVICE eth0
setenv -p NET_IPADDR
setenv -p NET_NETMASK
setenv -p kernel_args "console=ttyS1,115200 root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc rw syst_size=8M"
setenv -p et0macaddr 00-00-00-MY-MA-C1
setenv -p et0macaddr 00-00-00-MY-MA-C2

...replacing mac address with those specified on my router.


Seems like flashing via serial resets nvram !?
Hope this can help someone else..
Thank you anyway.


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