Installation of openWrt on Litebeam 5AC gen2 on WA.8.7.4 fails

Hi community,

I have a brand new Ubnt Litebeam 5AC Gen2 with
I tried to install WA.8.7.0 via WEB Interface what fails.
The lowest Version I could install is WA.v8.7.4.45112.
With this Version installing openwrt-21.02.2-ath79 fails with this message:
"Invalid version 'WA.ar934x.v8.5.3-42.OpenWrt-r16495-bf0c965af0'"

Do somebody knows how to Downgrade the Litebeam to 8.7.0?

Or is there another way to install openWrt instead the Version 8.7.4?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Greets to all

Hi Team,

I purchased a LiteBeam 5AC gen2 as well in sep 2023, and it was delivered with 8.7.11
Downgrading to 8.5.7 was not allowed and min required firmware level is 8.7.4.

Tried all possible migration scenarios, and cannot install openwrt 22.03.5

Is there any workaround or plan to support this new Litebeam version / hardware ?
Please let me know if I can help with testing.

Regards and keep up the good work !