Installation of Openwrt in the D-Link DAP-1325-A1

Hi everyone!
I would like to do a first installation of Openwrt in the DAP-1325 A1, but the guide seems incomplete to me, with the FileSafe procedure they have entered the Recovery mode page, but now which firmware should I load? I only find the Kernel and the sysupgrade.
Can you help me?


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Search is a cool feature..

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Were you able to flash post this thread? I too have a Model Name: DAP-1325 Hardware Version: A1 Firmware Version: 1.07

Maybe I'll give this a try sometime

I don't get it! am I doing this right? I tried uploading the sysupgrade "openwrt-23.05.2-ramips-mt76x8-dlink_dap-1325-a1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin" through but I get a "Firmware Upgrade failed!" error.