Installation of old packages: radvd, miredo

Hi Folks,

Does anyone know if it is possible to install some "oldpackages" from OpenWrt into LEDE ? These are the packages that I still use in Chaos Calmer and that are keeping me from upgrading to LEDE:

  • radvd : Gives more flexible options to RAs, which allow me to have a script for auto deprecating an old (dynamic) prefix when the ISP changes it, which happens every 48h or every router reboot/disconnect. Please let me know if a newer odhcpd version can handle this.

  • miredo-client : Allows receiving inbound connections (like SSH, HTTP...) behind a CG-NAT or other NAT that I do not administer.


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Also interested in miredo. This package is not in demand?

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There is an old PR on github.

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