Installation help on ZTE ZXV10 H201L

My device: ZTE zxv10 h201l 2/32mb (Target:latinq/XWay)
Hello, i'm trying to boot from initramfs, i'm getting .bin by tftp (tftpboot 0x81000000 owrt.bin), then trying to boot (bootm 0x81000000), but it boots from flash, i'm trying to write sqashfs to flash and boot - error (no avaiable image), but imls report Linux OpenWrt e.t.c.
Please help) Thanks

As this device is quite old and not supported anymore it would be hard to find anyone with the knowledge to put OpenWrt on this specific device. The OpenWrt Wiki is not giving any hint howto install OpenWrt on this device.

Thanks for chimming in.

I thought to revive the device because there exists an image especially created for and named after this model. But it seems the current trend to lockdown the firmware thought stripping bootloaders is followed by this OEM...