Installation DNS-313 with 3To DD

Hello all, I'm french and i'm sorry formy bad english.
I want to install OpenWRT on DLink DNS 313 but i can't do it.
My first question is : how many partitions should I create on my hard drive? and what type for rootfs.bin ? (Linux File System, Root, Swap,...)

Please help me.

you probably want the huge hard drive section...

dd the rootfs... then follow that section(gdisk~hybrid etc...)... on a spare drive... practice as much as you need...

the guide states a few times... that the rootfs provides these partitions except for sda1

so you have to create 1 partition only...

if i'm reading it correctly... ( sometimes the guides get out of date also )

bin files often contain many partitions and types within them... you only dd that file directly... the 'types' for rootfs.bin are all already set within the image... ( which is a semi-unusual name as far as consistency with other devices go... )

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I don't know how, but miraculously I managed to install openwrt however I can only access it from ssh. What is the best web interface to install and how do I install it? I followed steps A then C and D. It does have the IP address but does not behave like a DHCP. You must put a fixed IP on the PC to be able to reach it.


@ssh run
opkg update
opkg install luci

sorry, but downloading failed
I connected the disk to my internet box and I added the "option gateway ''" in /etc/config/network

all right, i forgot dns...