Install Wifi USB Stick (TP-Link MR3420 v5 )

I've flashed OpenWrt on my TP-Link MR3420 v5 (like explained here:

Now I've the problem, that I can't find any setting in luci to change my modems mode from access point to 3G/4G mode like in the original firmware.

Reading let's me assume I need to install additional usb drivers, but the docs about my router ( don't show anything in this direction.

Is the Wifi usb stick mode on my modem supported in OpenWrt and if yes, can someone help me to set this up?

Do any of the techniques in help?

If you've got a USB 3G/4G modem, you probably need at least its driver and usb-modeswitch, if you haven't already installed it.

Thanks, will try this. Sadly as I cant access the internet from the router I have to install everything offline but I found something about how I can do this

If you have one of those 4G modems that is also a wifi AP, you can set up a wifi client station on the MR3420 to use it for Internet access, at least temporarily. Or use a smartphone in hotspot mode, or a stationary wifi network.

The process for any of those (using wifi as your Internet connection) is the same. Look for the routed client configuration.

OpenWrt doesn't really have preset "mode" choices like other firmware-- it gives you total control of the basic functional blocks, you have to know how to link them together.

The topic is a little confusing. The title talks about "Wifi USB Stick" while the content implies you are actually talking about "3G/4G USB dongle".

Anyway, as @mk24 pointed out, you would use station mode. You set a hotspot using a phone or a separate MiFi device, the you you go to, you click Scan, and join the hotspot you created. This will give your router internet access to sort out the support for 3G/4G stick that @jeff mentioned.

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