Install stable 21.02 for Banana Pi R64

I would like to install the stable release for the BPI-R64.

On the hardware page

there is only explanation for the snapshot install

On the firmware selector page it is offering the kernel image and the sysupgrade

I tried with the sysupgrade image from a running snapshot install but it is not working, after the reboot it is still running from the snapshot version.

Where can I find and full SD image for 21.02 ?
Or somebody know how to create it ?

Firmware selector offers stable versions for Banana Pi R64, which looks slightly different from Banana BPI R64. What version of hardware do you have?

Banana Pi R64 and Banana BPI R64 are the same hardware
(I guess BPI means "Banana PI")
Unfortunately the Firmware selector does not offer SD image

I found out the possible answer to my question, in short this is "not possible".
I recompiled from source openwrt, when using the snapshot branch there is an option to build the SD image while for the stable branch 21.02 there is no such option.

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