Install sshpass OpenWrt

hi guys I installed KAMIKAZE (8.09.2, r18961)
on mikrotik RB951 and asterisk with success ...
I would like to install sshpass with this guide but I have problems

root@metarouter:~# wget: not an http or ftp url:
-ash: wget:: not found

Your post does not appear to be related to a supported OpenWrt version.

Running legacy distributions, third party repo's or instructions means you take on significant security risks, and implies you are willing to take on those and the technical aspects of their implementation.


Does the same happen when you do not install a 12year old and completely outdated OpenWrt release, but a recent one like 17.01 / 18.06 / 19.07?


in fact I think it's too old ... which do you recommend to install asterisk on mikrotik .. ??

Which version exactly of the RG951 do you have?

RB 951 Ui-2HnD

19.07.3, see

hello thanks for the reply ...
i have to delete router os and install new firmware ..
is there a guide that i can follow to do this ??

ok this guide with openwrt firmware .., ??

thanks I managed to install openwrt 19.07.3
thanks for your advice ...
now I have to be able to configure the router with LuCi ..
i would like to install asterisk and do this ..
port1 wan asterisk
port2 phone sip
port3 phone sip
port4 phone sip
port5 phone sip
wlan android phone
everything must be behind my home router with address