Install Ricoh SP 150 printer

Hi, I want to use a Ricoh SP 150 USB printer with my GL.iNet 4G router. The packages 'kmod-usb-printer', 'p910nd' and 'luci-app-p910nd' are already installed. The print server is enabled and I use the default port 9100 (Advanced Settings/Service/p910nd - Printer server). Unfortunately nothing happens when printing a document, the printer just makes some noise. I've tried to print from my Linux notebook and from a Macbook. Perhaps I've to adjust the firewall? Can someone please help me with this issue? I'm new to OpenWrt. Thank you!

Printing on a flash-based device is not a great idea. Flash has a limited lifetime and spooling the print job, then likely the rasterized image really thrashes the flash and can drive your router into the ground quickly. An external USB stick can help a little, but you've still got problems with insufficient RAM to rasterize the image.

I'd suggest your choice of Pi-class devices which typically have enough RAM to handle printing (full-on CUPS even) and, when the flash card gives out, it's only a couple dollars to replace it.

Many threads here if you want to search on CUPS, ghostscript, p910 and the like, but I strongly recommend another approach to resolving your printing needs.

p910nd just passed through the USB port (socket://), the data flowing through it isn't processed on the router, nor ever hits the flash. Contrary to CUPS, this is can be used reliably on devices with flash based rootfs and/ or little RAM - if you want optional services on an internet facing router is an orthogonal question.

Give this configuration a try first (/etc/config/p910nd):

config p910nd
	option device        /dev/usb/lp0
	option port          0
	option bidirectional 1
	option enabled       1
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