Install Range Extenders to Router with OpenWrt installed

I am about ready to install OpenWRT on my Linksys WRT3200acm. No issues with understanding this installation but I would like to install range extenders, one RE7000 or a Netgear EX8000 or a Netgear EX7700. Is there documentation available to clarify how this might be done

Yes, I'm sure that the Range Extenders offer documentation:

So, as I understand the replies, it appears a router with OpenWRT will support various Range Extenders (ie RE7000 or EX8000) "out of the box" and nothing special is required to install and use them?

I wouldn't count on it. There's no transparent L2 bridging with 802.11, so the manufacturers have to apply some proprietary extensions which probably aren't supported by OpenWRT.

If you want to extend your range, you're probably looking for wireless access points.

A further clarification to my question. If I did install either the RE7000 or the Ex8000,Ex7700, they would be installed as access points (ie connected via LAN). Would I be able to still install OpenWRT and install these devices as Access Points?

Connected by Ethernet cable is always better, and will certainly work in this situation. Since the backhaul is going to be wired, it will not matter what sort of wireless driver (if any) is running on the main router.

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