Install patch from


I would like to install this patch to LEDE/OpenWrt :

The attachment:

The problem is I have no idea how to start, how to install it :confused:

Maybe someone know?


You apply that patch to the source code, just like any other patch.
And then you compile the package it is related to.

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As "simple" as copy/paste files and overwrite existant files, and then compile the package?

Well, as long as it doesn't modify existing files, yes. But if it modifies (=patches) existing files, then you need to download the patch and apply it normally as a patch. Something like "patch -p 1 -i FILENAME" from the buildroot directory.

I now looked at the exact patch you are interested in, and applying it may be a bit more difficult. The patch is 4 years old, and there has been development since then. There is already some ncm support, so I wonder if you need all the bits?

Your patch seems to actually add support for a specific Huawei modem, right?

What is your ultimate goal? What do you actually want to do?
Looking at your messages in several thread,s it looks like you seeking for a driver for a certain USB modem, right?

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I want to have NCM support in LuCI, with the help of the community, it's OK now :slight_smile:

And now, I would like to have NCM status in LuCI homepage like this:

It is my last goal :slight_smile:

I succeeded set up NCM protocol in LEDE with my Huawei E3372, connection is OK even if sometimes NCM connection stop working suddenly, whereas interface is OK. I will create maybe a topic for that :sweat_smile:

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+1 for that LuCI App!

were you able to implement the NCM Status page? I would like to reach the same goal but I had no luck with LEDE 17.01.6.
Many thanks.

You should probably open a new topic for your new question, so it gets appropriate attention.

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