Install openwrt TP-Link Archer C20

I tried many times, still can't, almost desperate, if there is a video tutorial please give me the link.

I tried it from the website, from this forum, and still got nothing.

i use windows 10.
enable tftp server.
set ip

tftp server seems work but when i'm trying to flash router it's just reset the configuration without transmit any data to router. just flashing LAN led about a second, and nothing happen.



trying to run tftp server first, connect router. try to get/put (i use windows so i use tftpd64 software)
if get any data from get/put then turn off router , don't close software. and flash router, hold press reset button and turn on router, wait until LAN/WAN led blinking fast. and if you see tftpd64 software give popup like sending data to router that mean success. wait until the router restart it self.

computer :
set it to : (set it too tftp server)
mask addr :

don't forget to enable tftp server on windows feature.
put firmware in tftpd64 directory, and rename tp_recovery.bin (for archer c20)

that's all. thanks

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