Install OpenWrt on ubnt bullet m2 hp XW

Hello dear all.
I have actualy buy a ubnt bullet m2 hp XW.
In ssh i see XW.v6.3.6.

I have read the webpage for installation instruction:

My question is, have someone get some update instruction?
We are in last XW.v6.3.6, openwrt 21.02.3.

Has i see :
On the Bullet M2 xw, OpenWrt 21.02.1 never turns the Ethernet port on. TFTP can be used to revert to OpenWrt 19.07. See and

Bug i dont find if this bug was corrected or not.

If someone have new procedure for this installation, it will be gret.

Many Thanks in advance for the replies!

I never tried again.

Because tftp was hard for me.