Install OpenWrt on TP-Link powerline extender AV400

Hi all,
I have a set of TP-Link powerline extenders.
Being not completely satisfied with them I thought about installing openwrt in order to make them function as wifi repeaters.
So the powerline option is not important.
They should just pick up my other wifi channel and act as a repeater.

I opened one of the AV400s and found 2 chips in them:
rtl8196c and rtl8192ce.

Is that possible?

Regards Hans

@hgs19856, welcome to the community!

Your device is not listed in the Table of Hardware, therefore it's not supported with available firmware.

I have seen it.
But my idea was that perhaps another image could work (with powerline disabled).
An image that would correspond with regard to the chips used.
Or is that a stupid idea?

Regards Hans-Peter

That's generally a stupid idea if flashing; but it won't hurt if you're only trying to test booting the device (without flashing).

The keyword here would be "Lexra" (you'll find multiple threads about this on the forum), making this impossible from the get-go (probably flash/ RAM aren't sufficient either).