Install OpenWrt on my Mi R3G

I can't get access to
And can't get .bin file
I want to flash OpenWrt on my Mi R3G
Can someone help me to flash this custom rom on my stock firmware.

From my point of view the easiest install method is booting the initram image through console and flash OpenWrt from there.

Are you able to solder a serial pin header and connect to it through a usb ttl adapter?

Use the OpenWRT Invasion exploit then use telnet to install OpenWRT. That's the easiest way :slight_smile:

There is a very simple way to flash OpenWRT directly from the stock WEB interface.
The finished miwifi_r3g_openwrt_21.02.1.bin binary file can be downloaded from here: HDR1_R3G_hacked_images

This method uses a bug in the mkxqimage binary module. This bug is also present in the latest firmware versions for this router.

To independently generate such images, you need to use the XMiR-Patcher utility:

python R3G miwifi_r3g_openwrt_XX.XX.bin

Note: Before calling this command, you need to copy the kernel and rootfs images to the firmware directory.


cool but there are no releases and there is just this to play with


Firmware patcher for Xiaomi routers



  • Run run.bat

Linux / Mac OS

  • Install python 3.8, openssl
  • Run