Install OpenWrt on Mikrotik LHG HP5

Hi, I noticed LHG 5 and LHG HP5 are almost identical so I download the initranfs image and do a test-drive with it and all work perfect. Later When I tried to flash the OpenWrt image it sowed up a message telling that I have an unknown device and give me a list of suported devices where appear the rb-lhg-5nd model wich corresponds to the LHG 5. So I wish to know if there is a way to install this image and make it work propperly since the initranfs image runs without any problems or if exist a custom image for the model rb-lhg-5hpnd???

sysupgrade -F will bypass that check and force flash any file into the firmware partition. Since you are familiar with tftp recovery etc, the only way that could cause serious damage is if the flash partitioning is different-- so check that it is not. Use the initramfs to make backups of all partitions epecially the ART.

I tried with the -F option but the Mikrotik enter a loop turning on and off the leds and never start the system (I don't know how to find out what is going on when it enters this state.)
So at the moment I can only return to work with the AP running the initranfs image..... So ... I'm really stuck

Thinking about it some more, when you're running the initramfs for the same model as the sysupgrade you're trying to install, the model compatibility test should pass without forcing. So where did you get this working initramfs from?

And does it fully work, e.g. can you start up wireless? The initramfs should do the same things the sysupgrade does except there's no flash-based filesystem.

The initransf from here:
Official Site Initransf Download

And Sysupgrade from here:
Official Site Sysupgrade Download

Remember I'm using the LHG 5 image since LHG 5HP donest exits but they are almos identical. And the initramfs works fine. I even set up a Wi-Fi network as an AP and checked that it worked and everything was perfect with initramfs. I'm stuck with the install.

This is the working initramfs and the message I got:

Finally I got the solution. It seems for some unknown reason the initramfs don't recognize the device model so I had to forcibly register it with:

# echo "rb-lhg-5nd" > /tmp/sysinfo/board_name 

And voilà!! The system installs perfect!

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