Install OpenWrt on Linksys MR8300

I'm a new member on this forum and I'm trying to use operwrt for the first time
I've installed the firmware openwrt in my device.
I have installed the file 'openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-linksys_mr8300-squashfs-factory.bin' through 'http://routerip/fwupdate.html'.
the file as been downloaded from ''
I accessed through ssh as root and changed the file '/etc/config/network' , installed 'opkg install iptables-mod-ipopt igmpproxy ip-full luci-ssl tcpdump xxd'.
now i access through web gui correctly, i enabled wifi and policy dhcp.
I can't update with file ' openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-linksys_mr8300-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin' because i do not know how to do.
The information discovered in this forum they are not clear.
who help me ?
Is correct the procedure followed for install openwrt?

@lupetto88, welcome to the community!

I thought you already installed it:



thanks for the reply.

Sorry for my english

Yes, is already installed and worked.


I have 2 partition.
In the partition 1 there is the firmware stock
In the partition 2 i have insatalled openwrt

This process write the new update in the partition 2 ?
I would like the upgrade was not installed in other partition , but in the same partition of openwrt

If you don't want to overwrite the stock partition you must change back to the stock partition to install any future updates. Otherwise, the stock partition will be overwritten if you install an upgrade from the partition containing OpenWRT.