Install OpenWrt on Asus RT-AC58U

Problem is, not exist official *.trx firmware for web browser client.

I do not understand with methot with bootloader
" Method 2: via Bootloader and an Ethernet port "

I don't know from get IP address of the bootloader if exist.
I tried something like this

$ /usr/bin/tftp 
(to) (here is router IP)
tftp> put openwrt-18.06.2-ipq40xx-asus_rt-ac58u-initramfs-fit-uImage.itb
tftp: sendto: Operation not permitted

Maybe exist way rebuild *.itb to *.trx? (on own PC)

What happens if you try the installation method described on the RT-AC58U devicepage?

I don't have " a serial cable " to test. :frowning:

If you are still set on getting OpenWRT on there, you can grab a very nice UART to USB adapter for $10 or less on Amazon or otherwise. I recommend looking for something that looks like this:

In the meantime, I highly recommend the Asuswrt-Merlin project. Asus has surprisingly good support for their OEM firmware, and this project improves that support even further


Edit: as Jeff pointed out, you want to avoid using the Power pin (red) as they are usually 5 V. The other pins on the one I linked are 3.3V safe

Edit 2: My bad, I just realized your router is not actually supported for Merlin...which seems to only support those with Broadcom chips...

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Make sure that any USB-to-serial converter uses 3.3 V logic levels.

TTL (5 V) or RS232 serial can quickly fry a router.

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To be clear, the instructions require a Serial cable for installation of OpenWrt onto the RT-AC58U.

Again, be sure to use 3.3 Volts.

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as I can see, we install RT-AC58U via stock web ui upgrade

  1. install rt-ac58u-initramfs-factory.trx via web ui
  2. after reboot, install rt-ac58u-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin via openwrt web ui upgrade page, keep no config.

I tested ok with my friend's device

all source code:
custom build firmware:

I don't know why openwrt removed the code for web ui upgrades.
so I provide a nice way, via web ui to install rt-ac58u.

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related changes:

This shows how to archive the web ui installation instead of the TTL way.


I'm lost...are you posts OpenWrt related?

If so, how?

X-Wrt, at least the recent version, is a close fork of recent OpenWrt. The patch has a good chance of being applied to OpenWrt.

(Edit: To be clear, "good chance of being applied" means by an individual. I can't speak for its acceptability to the project itself.)


I have provided a good way to install rt-ac58u (via web ui), what are you worried about?

x-wrt is not close
it is opensource

Yes, it is, and I appreciate that the work done there is shared openly.

The git repo was linked in the thread I referenced, and that open repo was the source from which I made the comparison I referenced.

Edit, forgive me, "close" meaning "near to" (not related to the verb "to close")

I wonder...since X-WRT is a fork, is it possible to install X-WRT and then sysupgrade to OpenWRT?

it is compatable to install openwrt from x-wrt via sysupgrade.
but it cannot sysupgrade back to x-wrt, since the related scripts is not compatable.

we need to push the upgrade scripts changes to openwrt in the future to make it compatable.

I post here to hope others can do some test and feeds back.

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I am posting a PR to openwrt

Friends who understand the situation, please do some testing and feedback

I think it would be helpful if your information were in its separate thread...


Are you saying the OP has a current GUI install option using that firmware???

If the OP can somehow install OpenWrt currently using your method, please provide clarity on that procedure.

(Otherwise, this is just a hijack of the topic.)

At least for me, I appreciate @ptpt52 offering an improved user experience through their public git repo, as well as offering it back to OpenWrt in a formal pull request.

I consider it on-topic, as it would be for any device that isn't "perfectly" supported. Pick from many early stage devices and you'll see all kinds of ways for users to try to install the firmware, some brute force, some more elegant.

Not being facetious, I'm quite interested on if this means there's a GUI flashing method available now.


  • flash Xwrt
  • then flash OpenWrt

...or perhaps I misunderstood?

@lleachii ..yeah that is basically what was just said in post #15...
that you can install X-WRT
and then sysupgrade to OpenWRT
AKA, the firmware upgrade in the GUI
sounds like a good workaround for now...

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