Hi All
I have installed this firmware in th is rouger ROUTER Modelo ARCHER C7 AC1750 V5. This in in spanish but could be useful for everyone.


Very happy to see that my edits in the OpenWrt website are useful :grin:

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What edits do you mean? you mean the guidelines to do it? Could you show me the link please?

hi. which color LEd this router have

Lights Green

Yes to link the v5 to the other ones and clearly mention tftp method.
Nice explanation in video for helping others ti understand the flashing procedure :+1:

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Thanks mate for your help.
I'm going rec two videos about how to config a WiFi client and how to config a WDS client.
Apart from that I will try to flahs this router model: TP-LINK td-w8970
One question I would config a hotspot in muy router , based on your expertise. What do you recommend?

Maybe this thread helps others too: Flashing a TP-Link Archer C7 V5.0 in detail

I asked a lot of beginners questions, where I was unsure.

Hi Rogerio24, I trying to help at my level of knowledge :wink:

Nothing difficult to config the hotspot, follow instruction

  1. configure Wifi
  2. activate wifi
    already some videos available , as exemlpe

Thanks mate but the video you sent show us is about how to config a wireless networks. It has nothing to do about I asked

I may have misunderstood, " config a hotspot in my router "
if you want to use it as repeater, one more thing is to associate it to your base

OpenWrt Manuel is available here :
Wifi configuration also available at
Repeater configuration at