Install OpenWrt in a VM on Oracle Cloud OCI with Ampere arm v8 aarch64 processors

I read the following article:
It is about using qemu so I would like to virtualize and not emulate openwrt.
What are the differences between the images and which ones you recommend using:
The base is an instance of ubuntu server arm OS on which I am going to install qemu.
What qemu commands should I use? I have 1 vcpu core and 6GB RAM, 2 NICs, and 47GB SSD.
Thank you.

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  • If you want expand the OpenWrt or make other partitions, try ext4
  • Using squashfs allows for "factory resetting"
  • I would beleive, the ones in the Wiki you linked
  • If you have a GUI, feel free to use it instead :bulb:
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I finally succeeded using the VM image (see link below), from which I extracted the .vmdk disk and then imported it to oracle OCI

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