Install on WPA8630P v1 from stock firmware

Hi, im having some trouble installing, getting this error when trying to install the factory 23.05.0 image from the firmware selector:

If i try to install the images in this thread, then the wrong file error pops up, renaming to something shorter doesn't work either.

In the thread above i noticed people were installing these images over the official 1.0.4 firmware but my device has the 1.0.1 which according to tplink website is the latest for this device, was the 1.0.4 removed at some point? or is it a different region firmware or something like that?

Any help would be appreciated.

The thread also continues to explain the ongoing issue here:

It seems there needs to be a fix committed to the code. See:

It's likely nobody ever followed up to have the needed fix added to OpenWrt.

The next reply seems to have a working image (which was seemingly confirmed to work by another user below).

I tried that one too, without any luck.


  • Lucky it didn't brick your router as another poster mentioned
  • Yes, but the fix need to be added to official OpenWrt so you don't need to find some obscure image someone altered in some unknown manner
  • Since it didn't work, you'll need to look into that; or
  • You can ask the users in the thread:


:point_up: I've tagged them for your convenience.

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The one working very hard on the WPA8630Pv2 and other PLC series is @jwmullally, maybe he knows?

I think I had a v1 that I messed up very badly when trying to install OpenWrt and I had to recover using an SOIC clip.

That said, the WPA8630 series has very limited amount of flash storage available. Besides the default installation, not much will fit.

If you don't want an obscure image someone altered in some unknown manner then just leave it alone.
After you overcome the boot loader security checks, you can flash any (much newer) official image you like, I for my part used up to 22.03 ...
I didn't check 23.05 so far but currently wouldn't want to try it anyway, it broke wifi on some other router for me (C2600).

However, you problem may arise from the hardware and/or country IDs used in the secure bootloader, and in your case the US id is different from a EU id.
Maybe I can find some time to build something for you

Vendor name            : TP-LINK Technologies
Firmware version       : ver. 1.1
Hardware ID            : 0x86310001
Hardware Revision      : 0x00000001
Region code            : 0x00000000 (UN)

Re firmware to start flashing from, at that time some years ago I was under the (wrong) impression that the OEM firmware updates the PLC chip's firmware as well. I does not.
So using openplcutils and the images from the TP-Link forums is best to get to the latest PLC firmware then, but also not for the faint at heart.

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So for others' future reference:

  • Is this device officially supported? (if not this is not the appropriate forum and a PR should be made)
  • Or only supported via your altered firmware image posted in the forum?

If it is supported officially:

  • Is the needed install information above noted in the official Wiki - or again, only in an obscure thread?
  • Are the official images still broken? (i.e. the issue prompting the OP to make a new thread)

I'm not sure about the tenor of this statement or why - but I think it will help more users if the official images work and that the install instructions on the Wiki are OK (especially if some users are bricking their devices - we wouldn't know how to assist them). My apologies if you gathered some other meaning from my posting.

Please do, if you find the time.

The factory firmware is very basic, even without any extra packages openwrt is a huge improvement.

Yeah, the wiki or hwdata page should mention that the images are only for the EU (1.0.4) official firmware.

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I don't have this device so can't help much, but I do remember seeing this PR from @eliaspolicena which was to add support for it. Someone just needs to tidy up and finish this PR:

Not 100% sure if this is the exact ID needed for @hairo 's device, but it seems like some change like this is what your looking for.

Yes, luckily the DTS file for the v1 shows ~8M space, more than the ~6M in v2 and ~7M in v3. The 8M flash warning very much applies.